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Just another Monday at work. @EPLdotCA @walkwithdinos #Trex (at Edmonton Public Library - Stanley Milner Branch)

Thanks Mr. Awesome Barista! #Starbucks #wolverine (at Starbucks Oxford Park)

Sunshine puppy. #yegweather #beagle (at Chinery House)

Good morning to us. #coffee #diy (at Chinery House)

Monkeying around off Whyte. #yegart #streetart (at First Memorial Funeral Services - Harmony Chapel)

Graeme assumes a standard position for a Storm Trooper. #starwars (at Chinery House)

French toast and fried bologna. #itswhatsforsupper #daddycooks (at Chinery House)

Morning at The Hilltop. (at The Hilltop)

They have regular visitors at The Hilltop. (at The Hilltop)

Krazy Karpet: Black (at The Hilltop)